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HVAC used fabric air duct HVAC duct
Company:Suzhou Fabric Master Texitile Technology,.co.Ltd
Type: Fabric Air Duct
System: BJ-H, BJ-P, BJ-F, BJ-I

Even flow good looking
Easy wash condensation free
Run quietly light weight
Reliable quality short terms
Low running cost low total cost


HVAC used fabric air duct HVAC duct
System Layout Comparasion
Traditional Duct
HVAC used fabric air duct HVAC duct

Duct Master System
HVAC used fabric air duct HVAC duct

1.Shape Model Selection(Round Half-round quarter-round)
Round: Round fabric air duct's hydrodynamic characteristics is the best, the lower windage,
It won't cause vortex.It can realease the sound when send the flow,quiet and comfortable flow.
Compare to traditional rectangle duct, we can save more materials for the same sectional area.
It suits for the high and large factory where need mass wind quantity.

Hlaf-round: it suits for the heighg limited place

quarter-round: the same as the half-round.

2.Hang selection
2.1 Cable Suspension
Characteristic: low cost,easy fitting,wide application
Cable Suspension is the most common way to hang the fabric air duct. the main characters about single row cable suspension and
2-rows cable suspension and many row cable suspension are as follows;

Single row cable suspension:Which is suitable for the small diameter or non-beauty asked place. It is easy and practical.
Single row cable suspensions are all towards to 12 o'clock.

2-rows cable suspension:Which is suitable for a bigger diameter place.It can also be used in the place which ask for the beauty.
It's the most common yat to hang the fabric air duct and it can fit securely.2-rows cable suspensions are towards to 2,10 o'clock or 3,9 o'clock.

Many-rows cable suspension:Which is suitable for mass air quantity but small space place.Because of the mass air quantity,it's too large to use the round type. To meet the space requirement, we use the type of rectanle. Every cable's distance should not be more than 500mm.
2.2 Aluminum Track Suspension System(Hanging Model)
Character: easy install and uninstall, install securely but high cost

Company Profile

HVAC used fabric air duct HVAC duct

Suzhou Fabric Master Texitile Technology Co.,Ltd
Is located in Shengze Suzhou. We are the only one
Manufacturer who produce the fabric air duct and
the fabric at the same time over the world. so we
Know more about the fabric and we know it better.

1.Would fabric air duct system have condensation problem without installation material outside the duct?

Answer: No! Cooling air permeates through fabric to form air layer around duct to result in no
Temperature difference between inside and outside, radically resolve the condensation problem.

2.Are there any differences between traditional duct and fabric air duct in the beauty and comfort?

Answer:Yes,there do be many differences. The fabric air duct can be made many colors to match the environment.
so it's more beautiful than traditional one. Besides, it can flow evenly which is better than the traditional one,
it's more comfotatable.

3.What advantages the fabric air duct system have in the time limit?

Answer:the fabric air duct system take special cable suspension or aluminum track suspension. It's easy and fast.
Rather than traditional ducts, it takes less time to fit it.

4.Does the fabric air duct system meet the fire safety regulation in different countries and regions in global market?

Answer: as an end air dispension system in HVAC, Duct Master can meet all kinds of widely recognized international
Certificates and fire testings include UL product certificate under US NFPA 90A and AC-167, UL fire testing under
US ASTM-E84, testing certificate under EN13501-2002 class B1-s1,d0, and China official fire certificate under
GB-8624-2006-Class B-s1,d0,t1 and Class A.

5.What advantages the fabric air duct system have in cleanning and environment?

Answer:It's easy to clean so that it's far more clean than traditional duct. and the fabric air duct is made of
Environmental polyester.

1.Quality Garantee

FR Test:NFPA 90A and AC-167, GB8624-2012 B1
Physical Test:Environmental-friendly
Service Life:up to 15 years

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